Lessons Learned from 1 Year of Business

Below are some lessons learned from my first year of business:

1. Sometimes you have to trust your gut, take a leap of faith, take a risk, go against the typical advice, and do something outside your comfort zone.
- My mentor and friend, Mylon Kirksy says something to the effect of, “if you always do what you always did then you will always get what you always got”
– It is your business!

2. Use some of the money made to invest in yourself.
– For me I invested in an inflatable hot tub (Search Intex-PureSpa-Portable-Bubble-Massage on Amazon) for my back yard and a publishing company to write a book and create another medium to share content. It’s the best decision I’ve made.
– Thank you to Darren M Palmer and Self Publish N 30 Days for helping me become a first time author on a project called “The Footprint of Success: Stories of Impact from Leaders and Entrepreneurs” (another book coming out within the year).
– Check Darren out at: https://www.selfpublishn30days.com.
– Purchase a signed copy of the book at www.shaunatsobers.com/books

3. My business grew most from word of month.
– The best marketing is doing a good job.
– Thank you to Frances RomoKristin DeesArthur Sneed II, Dr. Deanna L. Merino Contino and so many others for recommending me to universities, departments, organizations, and friends.

4. You never know how something you spend time to develop will help you in the long run.
– In 2015 I started my website – www.shaunatsobers.com (I host my site through https://reclaimhosting.com. It uses WordPress in the background and has been super easy to navigate). It originally was a finally project for my students in a leadership capstone class I was teaching. (Shout out to Anne Cong-Huyen the digital scholar who collaborated with me to pilot some inter disciplinary lessons narrowing the gap between academic and student affairs).
– I wanted to do what I was asking my students to do and I figured it would also help me advise them if they got stuck along the way.
– Slowly I built out the pages. I would look at what I liked about other people’s websites and incorporate those aspects into my own. I didn’t know how it was all going to turn out. I wasn’t even thinking about starting a business at the time. I did the next best thing I could do in that moment and now in hindsight I can recognize how it was helpful that I had spent the time focused on that task to help me build off the foundation and use it to get to my current success.
– Writing my bio, my purpose, and what I offered was preparing me for the launch of my consulting business.
– The latest addition to my website is a page for the book I co-authored – “The Footprint of Success: Stories of Impact from Leaders and Entrepreneurs”. I have been learning how to add html code in order for the buttons to link to PayPal for purchases.

I am always growing, ever changing, and relying on my past sweat so I rise as a leader, an entrepreneur, and as my best self in this moment.

Remember – Everyone has the potential to lead!

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