Today I am thankful for moments when I can be helpful to others and connect them to others who open their hearts to help…

As I hastened across campus to a meeting I saw a student who looked distraught. She saw me coming towards her and called to me pleading for advice because her dinner event was being setup outside and part of the reason for that was all the other spaces on campus were booked for the evening! I told her that I was late to a meeting but I would think about what she could do. After my meeting ended early I went to visit a colleague on a whim and was struck with an idea. The library! I found a staff person who could confirms its availability, called the student with my idea, showed her the space, by some miracle the facilities crew were still around to setup for the event again, called the tech crew to change locations and we were on our way!

I wasn’t able to attend the event as I teach class on Thursday evenings but I decided to swing by after and the student was still there. She said the attendance was way better than she could have imagined and that the location worked wonderfully.

I felt bad telling the student I couldn’t stop everything and help her in the moment yet I was so thankful that I kept my promise and that other departments were so willing to make it work for her. That made my day!

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