The Tea Story

This morning as I rushed out the door I decided not to make my usual morning tea. As I drove I thought about if or how I could still get some made. I remembered a tea bag I had in the car. My thoughts then went down the rabbit hole of how seemingly fragile a tea bag can be if not taken care of or treated well. I then thought of these little triangle tea bags I had been given to me by my husband when I was married. They were sturdy alnost cloth and were potent so I could reuse them multiple times. Remembering those tea bags though reminded me of the original purchaser of them – my ex-husbands lover. You see she had given him a gift and without even opening it he had re-gifted it to me for Christmas. I liked the tea bags and asked questions about where he got them from until he finally disclosed that he did not actually buy them. Though it is a painful memory and I wish I didn’t like the tea bags I do. I then thought about how subtly the abuse I experienced in my relationship to my ex-husband was. It was over time, it was small acts of disrespect and dismissiveness that played into my subconscious, mindset, outlook, and insecurities. I had never seen it for what it was before. And I knew that I needed to write out this story, to speak it so that it cannot control me anymore, so that I can become resolved from it and move on. So that I can release any hold it might still have on me and be free in my own power. It’s amazing where a single thought can lead you. It’s amazing how when one is ready a space is created to process, reflect, and work through it. I am more at peace now. Thank you for listening Namaste.

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