Leadership Lessons from Dance – Will the Real Leader Please Stand Up

I know I am making an impact in my dance community when during teacher training we were told to partner up and for leaders to all face the same direction. So I did but then the lead next to me shifted to face the opposite direction and I in turn shifted to match. It was then that they looked at me like, “you are messing us up” to which I responding, “the instruction was for leads to face the same direction”. At that moment everyone in the room let out a huge “Oooohhh” as their minds were blown based on the assumption that since I am female and my partner presents as male that we would be in reverse roles. It was a beautiful teaching moment of how we are instructors can be even more inclusive even as we set up the dance space. As I always say, “Everyone has the potential to lead and follow…”

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*Featured Image: The dancers featured are Tiffany Clement and Shauna Sobers at the Austin Inspired Movement Dance Studio

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