Resilience Tree Model Prompts

The following tools are based on the research of Dr. Shauna T. Sobers (2014) featured in the NASPA Student Affairs Speaks 12 minute Video entitled, “Resilience Tree: Growing Pathways to Leadership” and in the book, “The Footprint of Success: Stories of Impact from Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

View prompts for understanding each component of the Resilience Tree Model below.

  • Ovals = Fruit/Leaves/Flowers
  • Rectangles = Branches
  • The bottom of the page = Roots
  • All other free space on the page = Environment

These prompts can be used as examples for you to create your own Resilience Tree Worksheet. You can also use the Resilience Tree Reflection Questions to reflect on your own or discuss the Resilience Tree Model with others.

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