“Your [CliftonStrengths] session was professionally and personally relevant, developmental, transformative, organized, and useful. Thank you for setting and maintaining a high bar (as always) by being an example to us all on how to work in your strengths and passion!”

~Dr. Mylon J. Kirksy
Director, Housing and Dining, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officers, Sidebar Education Consulting Group, LLC 

“Shauna’s ability to help [the 100+ full-time] Student Affairs team members learn about their own and others strengths enabled the team to build more effective working relationships with the goal of providing exemplary programs and services to students.”

~Dr. Jeanne Ortiz
Dean of Studen
ts / Vice President for Student Affairs
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Sobers has shown us that knowing our strengths helps us know our worth. Understanding how others operate has allowed our area to build a solid community and serve roughly 2,000 diverse residents who reside in the Whitis Area.”

(part of National Residence Hall Honorary nomination for Residence Life Staff Member of the Month, October 2017)

~Estrellita “Star” Longoria Steward

Assistant Complex Coordinator, Housing and Dining
University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

“Dr. Shauna Sobers is the consummate professional, combining a deep and strong knowledge base with a passion to help others. She graciously offered to walk my new team of counseling professionals through a StrengthsQuest journey [and then did so for 3 consecutive years]. We grew immensely both as individuals and as a team. Her tender invitation, coupled with enthusiasm and empathy, led us to share ourselves with vulnerability in a safe space. If you need to strengthen your team, problem-solve challenges in a group or even develop your own individual leadership, Shauna is just the person to help you….”

~Dr. Rebecca Romberger
Psychologist/Director,  Student Counseling Center
Whittier College, Whittier, CA

“…Dr. Sobers showed us the power of ourselves in a very unique and under-appreciated way… Dr. Sobers made it a goal to recognize each and every staff member in the Duren [Residence Hall] and Whitis Court area… Dr. Sobers was adamant that every person and every strength is equally as critical in a team setting… Before our staff meeting, we all viewed Dr. Sobers as an expert in the field of housing… Little did we all know she was an expert in StrengthsQuest too!…”

(part of National Residence Hall Honorary nomination for Residence Life Staff Member of the Month, February 2017)

~Evan Garcia,
Resident Assistant, Housing and Dining
University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

“Dr. Sobers is a ray of sunshine in any storm! Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious and they challenge each of us to find the passion in our profession. Organized, dedicated, and professional, she is the heart of student development and Dr. Sobers is shaping a new generation of great leaders!”

(part of a LinkedIn Recommendation)

~Dr. Christina Scott,
Associate Professor of Psychology
Whittier College, Whittier, CA

“Shauna is an expert on assessment. She possess extensive knowledge on the mechanics of data collection and providing evidence of outcomes achieved. Her approach in teaching assessment includes various frameworks that are as simple as using info graphics to a more detailed template that is descriptive of processes and outcomes.”

~Dr. Faraah Mullings,
Director of Commuter Services
Mount St. Mary’s University, Los Angeles, CA

“Shauna is a driven and purposeful student affairs professional, whose impact is felt directly by the students she serves. It is important to Shauna to develop others around her, as well as to push herself to grow with each new situation. She is passionate, giving, influential, and genuine in all things that she does. This is incredibly uncommon in a person, and Shauna finds a way to live it both personally and professionally.”

(part of a LinkedIn Recommendation)

~Jason Titus,
Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life
Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

“Shauna is an energized, organized and enthusiastic professional; she gives 110% to all of her endeavors. She has a strong affinity to individually teaching, understanding, and mentoring the concept of multiple identities within the context of self and the university. Shauna is a dedicated professional with a natural passion for her students and a drive to advance the field of student affairs.”

(part of a LinkedIn Recommendation)

~Christine Fluter-Brown,
Associate Director of Research and Compliance
University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

“I can’t help but continue to be inspired by you! You were so engaging up there on stage and looked like you were having so much fun that all of us in the audience couldn’t help but smile along with you.”

(in reference to TedxUTAustin Talk entitled the Dance of Leadership)

~Elizabeth “Liz” Schasel,

Marketing and Plan II Undergraduate Student

President, Texas Spirits
University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

“An incredible woman who is true to herself, empowers her staff, and constantly pushes the confines of what is perceived to be possible. A TEd Talk presenter, award winning SAPro, and always a pleasure to be around. Not to mention an amazing dancer and instructor, I’m always inspired by who she is and what she accomplishes.”

~Gerard Smithwrick, M.S.
Housing and Dining, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX


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