Often when leadership is discussed the focus is primarily on the lead role not the follow role. Both roles are important and necessary to have a successful partnership and it is essential that a leader know when to lead and when the follow… These are a few lessons I learned while partner dancing (Salsa and Bachata) and realized it paralleled with others areas of leadership. In the talk I also address the gendered and binary environments of both the dance and work spaces and make a call to action for inclusive language and the encouraging of everyone to both lead and follow.

Below is a link to my talk. I was one of 12 featured speakers picked out of 200+ applicants and am the first Black / Caribbean women to speak at the inaugural TEDx UTAustin event. The talk is entitled, “Dance of Leadership”. It is inspired by my blog series “Leadership Lessons from Dance” www.shaunatsobers.com/blog started a year prior to the talk.

“The talk is for those who dance or want to, those who lead or wish they could.” Share the link, encourage others to watch it, like it, and/or comment. Thank you!

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This accomplishment was for sure a group effort and I am thankful for all the support and feedback to get me to the place where I could share my correlation with the world! Thank you to Estrellita Longoria StewardAnnie LiuFavian BustosMisha MichikoHazel WallisCheri SkipworthJordan MadrigalGerard E. SmithwrickAnthony ELWill JusteAlexandra RobertsDemola FawibeAscención Lilia Ramírez and Marcus Negron!#tedxutaustin#TeamShauna#CanIGetAWitnessDancing Sobers