She turned in every assignment on time. She color coded and tabbed her textbooks. Others called her out for it, and it started to feel like something she needed to hide.

Years later, she studied the resiliency of women of color in higher education senior level leadership—there were not many. They had overcome so much to get to those places of influence.

These two snapshots of Shauna Sobers’ life hold one simple yet multi-colored strand between them. The focus and emphasis on strengths — instead of on weakness — brought them through and made them proud.

Today on Episode 85 of the Isogo TV podcast {audio + video version available!}, Shauna shares stories and paradigms from her strengths journey that speak to breaking down cultural divides, the resiliency of women executives of color, and giving yourself permission to live from your best place.

Right now, Dr. Sobers is the Assistant Director for Residence Life at University of Texas at Austin AND, independently, the CEO/Principle Facilitator of Shauna T. Sobers, LLC, which is a leadership consulting firm focused on leadership empowerment through Latin partnered dance, positive psychology, and resiliency.

And she was originally trained by Chip Anderson, one of the original icons of the strengths movement!

Her journey is fascinating and powerful, so watch+listen below or catch her interview on iTunesYouTubeGooglePlay, or Stitcher.