Ever wondered why there are so few women (and women of color) represented in senior/executive leadership, how to avoid burn out before reaching senior/executive leadership, or how to empower a staff member whom you believe has potential? 

Below is a link to my ~12 minute Student Affairs (SA) Speaks presentation (TED Talk style) at the 100th NASPA Annual Conference at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

The talk provides an overview of the Resilience Tree model based on my qualitative research and lived experience.

“Whether you identify as a Black woman or you work with, supervise, mentor, or care about one this [research] will benefit you and hopefully our entire profession not only creating a pipeline singularly but multiple pathways to women in senior/executive leadership…” ~Dr. Sobers

SA Speaks—Student Affairs Speaks—are 10-15 minute talks by NASPA members student affairs professionals that offers a topics from their point of view. The speaker provides an innovative look at important topics and share ideas about how we can change the student affairs profession and transform learning in higher education.

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* Find out more about my resilience research at: www.shaunatsobers.com/resilience
* Ask about coaching, workshops, or consultation about the resilience tree below

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