Goal Setting for 2022 Using Well-Being & CliftonStrengths

Gallup has identity 5 essential elements of wellbeing:-

  • Career Well-being (how you occupy your time)
  • Social Well-being (strong relationships)
  • Financial Well-being (your economic life)
  • Physical Well-being (having good & energy)
  • Community Well-being (engagement)

This new year I plan to identify a goal in each of these areas and I invite you to join me. Post your goals in the comments so that we can hold each other accountable.

Below is a draft of my goals (I also included which CliftonStrengths I would use to help me accomplish it):

  • Career Well-being – I want to intentionally use my CliftonStrengths every day. (Intellection)
  • Social Well-being – I want to make more time each week for deepening my existing relationships and investing in new ones. To just BE with others without an agenda or task. (Relator)
  • Financial Well-being – I want to pay off credit card debts and establish an emergency fund of 6 months. (Achiever)
  • Physical Well-being – I want to no longer have the wiggle under my arms. (Learner)
  • Community Well-being – I want to invest in the communities that I have created and am a part of. Not just to be the coordinator but to get to know individuals and be a part of the community. (Harmony)

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