In Salsa Dancing the first step is the hardest. In leadership we can learn from the lessons of partnered dance.

💃🏽Every time you return to the count of 1 you have to stabilize yourself and push hard to reset.

Like in life and leadership, just because you have been there before doesn’t mean it will be easy to return.

🕺🏽The more momentum you have as you return to the count of 1 the more force you have to use into the floor to stop yourself, gain control, and push off for the next count of 8.

Like in life and leadership, when the obstacles attempt to take you off your game you can succumb to them or resist and counter.

💃🏽I used to make the mistake of applying the same pressure every time I returned to the count of 1, no matter the momentum I had built up from a turn or move

My instructor, Marcus Negron, corrected that mindset saying that I needed to engage my core/abs even more than I was doing and push harder into the floor even more than I thought was needed to have the control I needed to not stumble, be wobbly, or fall off balance when I returned to the count of 1. Doing so would then make me look good and counterintuitively as though it was effortless.

Like in life and leadership, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you can’t put in extra effort and make it look like it’s easy.

🎥 The video is from a lesson in Sept 2019

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